3 ways to motivate yourself.

Photo by Yuyeung Lau on Unsplash

The Problem

The Solution

  1. Every morning ask yourself who you are going to help today. Meditate on it and visualize it as reality. Get out of bed with a smile on your face as you know your purpose is not a selfish one. Hold yourself accountable to help that person today. It could be a friend, a family member, or a client. Remember, most people are on the defensive every single day of their lives, so an act of kindness will go a long way. This simple change helps you grow as a person. Generosity is a virtue, not a sin.
  2. When you open your eyes every day give thanks for the simple things such as being alive. Give thanks for your relationships. Give thanks for the roof over your head. Give thanks for the ability to think freely. Give thanks for the first cup of coffee. And, give thanks for your ability to make this world a better place. Being grateful is a natural stimulant.
  3. While enjoying your breakfast give yourself a high five for how awesome you are. Close your eyes and believe like Picasso, whatever you can imagine is real. How you envision yourself is what you are. The physical rewards might not be here yet, but the wonderful feeling is all yours right now. Your imagination is your success, so dream big.




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